Sponsor Information
Hunting Island.com provides a sponsorship opportunity to promote you business or products that may be of value to our loyal viewers. Most of the viewers visiting Hunting Island.com are planning a visit to the area and many will be camping or staying for a number of days. Most will be looking for ideas on things to do and places to go during their visit. Some may return and still others may relocate here. Most will tell friends about their visit, what they did, and about where they went. Over 1 million visitors a year come to Hunting Island, and even more to Hunting Island.com. This can make a fantastic avenue for your business or product and provide a great service to our viewer.

Sponsor Types Available
We offer 2 styles of sponsorship. Premium page and premium directory link. All terms are based on a pre-paid annual period.

Premium Page Sponsorship
These are the sponsor tags used on most pages. Only 3 sponsors are allowed per page, which allows for a clean presentation that will not become distracting to the viewer. The sponsorship includes the tag and a larger main image that displays more info so the viewer can judge whether he/she wants to visit your web site. By allowing viewers the informed choice, those who visit would already be interested in what you have to offer. This works well for both our viewer and for our sponsor. All Premium Page sponsorships include a Premium Directory link at no additional charge. We can provide the design and layout or you can use your own design or artwork.

Premium Directory Link Sponsorship
These are the names in the directory listings that inform our visitors about places they may want to visit or use while here. We always try to have the basic info free because we do not want to limit or restrict this info from our viewers, but listings may be enhanced so they are more unique and appear first. Premium listings may have a picture or logo, appear before free listings, and may be linked to sponsors web site, which will always open in a new browser window. We can provide graphic design and layout, or you can supply a ready to show logo.

How to Become a Sponsor
For additional information and current prices, please email us or contact us at 843-271-0747. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Once a sponsor spot has been taken, the current sponsor will have the first right to renew each year, but it must be re-newed prior to the expiration date. We do it this way because we support our loyal sponsors for supporting us the previous year.