Hunting Island Fishing
Hunting Island State Park does have rules for the protection of the habitat, people and area wildlife. Please follow the rules. These are not all the rules, and at times changes may occur, so always check with officials if not sure. Here is a brief outline.
Pets are allowed on the beach and camping areas but are not permitted in park buildings, cabins or on cabin grounds. All pets must be under physical control by owner or on a leash not more than 6' in length that is under physical control. This means you must have control over the leash attached to the pet. Pets that disturb wildlife, other guests or destroy habitat will be asked to leave. This includes noisy pets.

Other Rules

No live sand dollars may be collected-possessed, only dead ones.
Do not take any live animals or plants off the park, check all shells.
Fireworks or explosives are not allowed in park.
Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on park grounds or on beach.
It is illegal to feed, approach or harass wildlife.
Fires must be contained within designated camping fire rings.
Motor vehicles are not allowed on beach.
No lights or flashes on beach at night during turtle nesting season.
Metal detectors are not permitted on or near lighthouse grounds.
Do not litter. Stay off of dunes, sand fences and sea oats.
Personal items found on beach must be turned in to park officials.