Hunting Island Fishing
Tide tables for the Hunting Island State Park and Hilton Head Island beaches in an easy to read format. The tide times have been corrected for local day-light savings time (DST).

Tide Dangers - Sand Bar Safety

The Beaufort area experiences 6-8 foot tide heights and utmost care must be taken when wading onto exposed sandbars during low tide. Once the tide begins to come in, the sand bar closest to the beach often is submerged long before the outer parts are.

Becoming stranded on a soon to be submerged bar can be very dangerous. As the incoming tide covers the bar, strong currents may form, including rip-currents. Large fish also are searching for prey on or near the rapidly filling sand bar. Always check and know the tide times, and head back towards the beach about 1 to 2 hours after the dead-low tide. Enjoy the sand bars, but be smart!

Tide Times - Hunting Island & Hilton Head Island Beaches