Hunting Island Fishing
Fishing is a popular activity on Hunting Island State Park. Fishing can be done from the pier, surf, tidal creeks and the lagoon.

Fishing Pier

The former Paradise Fishing Pier, now operated by the State Park, is located on the southern most part of Hunting Island. This fishing pier extends 1,120 feet out into the Fripp Inlet, the water between Fripp Island and Hunting Island. Fishing from the pier is usually good for all types of fish including drum, bass, spots, trout, shark, whiting and croaker. Favorite baits are shrimp, cut bait (menhaden or mullet) as well as spoons and other artificial baits. Fripp inlet is well known for its productive fishing and is a very popular spot for the local fishing crowd. The nature center located at the entrance usually have basic fishing equipment available on a first come basis. Pier fee's are included in the park entrance fee.

Lagoon and Surf Fishing

Lagoon fishing is popular among the locals as well as the visitor. Spots, redfish, whiting and croaker are common, as well as an occasional barracuda. Light tackle is most often used.
Bait includes squid, cut bait, shrimp and various artificial baits.
Surf fishing requires a heavier rod and tackle. Large fish can be caught just beyond the breaking surf zone. Do not fish near people already swimming and likewise do not to swim near people already fishing. Bait and fighting fish can attract sharks and other large fish. Always respect both fishing and swimmers rights.