Hunting Island Fishing
Crabbing on Hunting island is very popular and is a great way to spend time together as a family. It is simple and does not require expensive equipment or gear. Kids & adults can have a lot of fun.

Gear Required to Crab

The most enjoyable way to crab is to string fish. Equipment required is string, a weight, a stick, bait, a bucket and a long crab net. Nets can be purchased anywhere fishing gear is sold. Usually they are under 10 dollars, and are basically a 4' handle with a net.

How to Make the Crab Line

Take the string, (best to use nylon or cotton string), and at one end tie a weight. Weight should be about 3 or 4 ounces or more. About 4 or 5 inches above weight tie the bait. The best bait is a chicken neck or a small drumstick. It holds up well for crabbing.
Tie the other end of string to a stick. You want about 10 - 12 feet between the stick and bait. Now you are ready.
How to Catch Crabs
Throw the weighted end with bait into the water. Using the stick, take up excess string slack, but not too tight. When a crab begins to feed on the bait, you will begin to feel gentle tugs or pulling. Slowly and gently begin to pull in the string. When you can just see the crab, position the net behind the crab and in a smooth action, scoop him into the net from behind. Put some water in the bucket and make him fall from the net into the bucket. Low tides are the most productive, near the shoreline of creeks or docks.

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